A skilled personnel capable to operate machinery to manufacture different products. This can vary depending on the industry. To be knowledgeable and responsible for a range of functions including processing, sorting, and packing the products, as well as operating the machines and monitoring the output to check it is in line with compliance standards.


  • High school diploma with at least a credit in Mathematics and English language
  • Graduate degree in any profession relating to dairy science, technology, textile, pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Team work.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Satisfactory knowledge of the commodity produced by the factory.
  • Acceptable knowledge of safety and health principles.
  • Capability to comprehend quality control techniques.
  • Ability to utilize diverse machines and possession of practical aptitude.
  • Sound communication aptitude in delivering beneficial teamwork.
  • Must be precise, careful, patient, responsible, swift and alert.


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